More Like a Woman …

More Like a Woman

I promised myself that once the a/c was fixed that I’d take better care of my hair and nails. I found my favorite color nail polish and my hands look SOOO much better than they did when my nails were “Au natural.” Mainly because the ugly nail courtesy of last month’s tree removal adventure is hidden.

Once my hair’s been cut & styled, hubby better watch out! He’s gonna have one hot babe on his hands. (kidding … I’m still feeling the endorphins from this morning’s workout)

Less Like “Jabba the Hut”

School’s been out for over a week now, which means that I’ve been able to “step” back into my summer training schedule. I must confess, it’s not been easy. In fact, it’s been downright HARD to drag myself out of bed a couple of mornings for various reasons. Heat & plain old exhaustion are the two majors.

I decided to use my pack this morning because my shorts didn’t have any pockets and I didn’t want to carry my iPod this time.

To my utter amazement and with sheer joy, I had to tighten the belt. Whoo Hoo!

I feel like Eliza Doolittle right now.

“I could have danced all night … “

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