Sunday Ramblings

Happy Birthday, to you!

The Princess turned 4 yesterday. With age, so they say, comes privilege. In her case, she gets to have gum now. Jump over to Krewe of Jenna to see what happened yesterday when she got to have her very first piece.

Primetime or Not Primetime

Queen Mum & Da gave hubby & me a pair of tickets and asked us to join them at a “Television Preview” evening last night. We joined 5 or 6 other groups across the country that gathered to watch a couple of shows that were trying to get onto the primetime lineup. Although it was a long evening and I wouldn’t do it again, it was interesting. Especially for the statistical research “freak” in me. I just LOVE playing with numbers! It was fun being at the grassroots level of the research process for a change.

Grad School update

Hubby asked me yesterday if I had figured out which classes I’m going to take in the fall. I told him, without hesitation mind you, Psychology of Education & School Finance. It was like I had sucked all the energy out of him with a vacuum when I said that. He knows I’m a geek … a smart geek … but a geek all the same. I think what got him was the enthusiasm with which I said the course names.

And I’m still on track to graduate with my Master’s next fall (2008). Yeah, baby!

New A/C

Last night was the first night of cool air at the Casa in a long time. It felt glorious!

The a/c guys got here at 7:15 yesterday morning. Poor hubby! I hit the road at 20 ’til 7 in the hopes that I’d be back before their scheduled time of 8am so that I could run the vacuum and sweep the kitchen floor. I didn’t get to run the vacuum and hubby didn’t get to sleep.

I’m letting him sleep in this morning. He’s more than earned it.

And Sooooo

The poochies are lounging in the comfort of a cool house, hubby’s still sleeping, and I need to think about what we’re going to have for breakfast.

So, tatertots … until next time …

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