Day at the Chateau

The royal poochies and I dropped by the Chateau yesterday to visit with Queen Mum & Da. Da’s birthday was on Friday and I had a present to deliver.

Da’s into NASCAR and so several of the gifts I’ve given him over the years have followed that theme. This year’s gift was the dvd, Cars. Mum had said that Da had seen parts of it when the Princess was last in town but hadn’t seen the whole movie from start to finish.

During the course of the afternoon, the three of us channel-surfed our way into the first quarter of the NCAA men’s semifinal lacrosse match between Duke & Cornell. Neither they nor I had ever watched a lacrosse match and so we were a bit curious.

It was amazing to watch and not knowing anything other than the fact that putting the ball in the opponent’s goal was a good thing, we had a lot of fun cheering for both teams when they scored. We eventually downloaded the rules of the game, which made it a whole lot easier to follow the action, and I think we’re all now officially hooked.

Gift giving and sport watching. All part of a perfect day at the Chateau.

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