Jerry & Enoch

Jerry Falwell died earlier this week. When I heard about how he was found in his office unconscious and later pronounced dead, a memory of a day long ago was triggered. I remembered a story that one of my Sunday School classmates had shared several years ago. He was sharing his young daughter’s version of the story of Enoch:

Enoch and God spent time together every day. They’d take long walks in the morning and then go to Enoch’s house for lunch. Well, one day they were having such a great time that they didn’t realize until way past lunchtime that they hadn’t turned to go back to Enoch’s house. God turned to Enoch and said, “My house is just a little bit farther, why don’t we go there instead.” And that’s when Enoch went home to live with God.

Brother Jerry had lunch with friends, went back to his office, and the Lord called.

Like Enoch, he’s gone home.

What a wonderful place to be!


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