If I had known then what I know now …

Hubby & I wouldn’t have shelled out all that money to the a/c guy for one week of cool air. Yes, it’s true tatertots. The a/c is officially out.



We’re officially saving for a new unit. Not that we hadn’t started saving last week when we received the bad news about our current unit.

Teachers only get paid once a month, you see, so it doesn’t matter at what point we start “officially” saving during the month … there are only two paychecks we receive each month. One for hubby and one for me.

For a temporary fix, hubby & I went out and bought a portable a/c unit for the downstairs so the royal poochies will be comfortable during the day while we’re at school. We’ll get another unit for the upstairs on payday, and we’ve got fans strategically placed throughout the house to keep the air moving.

Bad thing is: we haven’t even begun to deal with summer.



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