Carne Asada

Do you remember the Taco Bell commercial that played during the SuperBowl with the two lions that were talking about the carne asada whatever-they-were-advertising-gee-what-a-great-ad-if-I-can’t-remember-what-they-were-selling? I’m talking about the one where one lion is rolling his “r’s” and the other lion can’t do it to save his life.

My Special Ed Director’s name is “Rolando” and I’m the second lion.

Head Cheese & I have had these insane conversations since the game that go something like this:

me: So I was talking to Rolando …
HC (interrupting): R-R-R-Rolando …
me: carne asada
HC: R-R-R-Rolando …
me: carne asada

We both look at each other and laugh.

So I walked up to HC the other day and I broke into a sly grin as I said, “carne asada.”

HC looked at me and said, “So, you talked to R-R-R-Rolando?”

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