Ah, Humanity

Hubby & I were talking this evening about how discourteous people have become.

For instance, FoaF never did come over last weekend with his wood chipper to help us take care of the tree so I had to ask for tomorrow off so I can haul the whole mess to the dump.

By myself.

Trust me, I’m not too upset about this. Hubby’s got to administer interims again tomorrow. We are thisclose to the end of the school year and his principal wants to benchmark the students? Trust me, I think he’d much rather be with me hauling the tree to the dump than administering benchmarks to kids that are so burned out on tests that they don’t care one iota if they do well or not.

And then there was the incident at the bookstore this evening. Hubby had run in to pick up a gift card and I was outside the store waiting in the car. He came racing out, right past me, and I honked the horn at him. The two guys that he passed saw that I was trying to get his attention, but they didn’t try to stop him. I had to hurry up & turn the car around to catch up to hubby because he was on his way to where he thought I was still shopping.

But on the flip side, I received a really nice invitation to to explore a colleague’s gardens after school today. She loaded me up with freshly cut greens from her vegetable gardens, cuttings from her flower gardens, and potted plants to put in my beds. How incredibly sweet was that!

All in all, there are really sweet people in the world and there are real jerks.

I guess it’s all where you choose to focus your attention.

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