Oh, the Joys of being Gentry

Complaining but not meaning to because everyone encounters bumps along the highway of life …

The a/c’s been out at our house for the last couple of weeks. It wasn’t too bad the first week. Dry air, cool temps … glorious! Hubby & I thought that this would be no problem waiting until after the end of the school year to fix the a/c since most places around here charge extra to come after 5pm or on the weekends.


This last week as been rainy & humid and I’ve left the windows open on more than one occasion only to come home from school to wet carpets. Not soaked, but damp right by the windows.

The a/c man is coming today. We’re gladly paying the overtime charge.

Hubby’s been hacking away at the tree this week. Since a “friend of a friend” is supposed to arrive sometime this weekend with a wood chipper, we’ve been stacking the branches in the driveway. (Wanna guess how much the neighbors love us now?) We’re not so sure that FoaF will actually show up as scheduled. This is annoying. I guess we’ll have to hack that baby into smaller pieces and pray the trash folks will pick it up during their bi-weekly rounds. Either that or hubby & I will have to take a day off from work just to do multiple runs to the dump.

Our local dump is open only during the work week and then only until 4:30. No wonder it’s free to dump there … everyone’s working and can’t get there before it closes.

The IRS released its pursestrings and gave us back our overpayment which meant we could replace our washer that decided to stop working a few months back. We were amazed that we couldn’t find one at the first store we walked into. In fact, it took us three separate trips to actually find one that we liked. But we did it! I had bet hubby that we could buy it and have it delivered within 24 hours.

If it had been in stock, this would have been so. It will be delivered NEXT Saturday. Hubby turned to me after we confirmed the delivery date and said with incredible cheeriness, “Well, I guess we’ll have to go to the laundromat one more time, huh?”

All in all, hubby & I love owning our own piece of the American dream and we know that things break and fall apart and we expect to have to replace, repair, and haul away stuff during our big adventure.

My question is, why did it all have to happen at the same time?

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Joys of being Gentry

  1. because it would be boring if it didn’t happen all at once 🙂

    did you sign you and the dogs up for the walk??!!?

  2. I truthfully could handle a little bit of “boring” in my life, if you know what I mean … ; )

    Yes, the royal poochies & I are signed up to do the doggie dash. Finally! 8 )

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