My Achin’ Dogs

A few of my colleagues & I participated in the local area’s Relay for Life last night/this morning.

This is the American Cancer Society’s annual event to raise money for cancer research. The event starts at 7pm and finishes up at 7am.

Each member of the team signs up to walk/run/crawl certain hours. Although you are required to be on the track for the hours you sign up for, there is no limit to how much time you spend on the track over and above your required time. The Writer & I were signed up for the 1am – 3am leg of the relay. She didn’t appreciate my signing us up for those hours but, being the trooper and great friend that she is, she came, she walked, she went back to her dad’s house and slept.

Once the relay was officially underway, the rest of our team hunkered down at our site and ate a little, laughed a lot, and got downright antsy about wanting to hit the track. I turned to Head Cheese and said, “I’m bored. I’m gonna hit the track.”

Funniest “humor-at-my-expense” moment happened during the survivor lap. The sun was setting, it was an overcast day, and as the survivors passed curve #1 on the track, a ray of light was shining down on them. I turned to one of my friends and said, “Oh look! The sun’s shining down on them! How wonderful!” We both followed the ray of light upward …

to the stadium lights.

You see, we realized at the same moment that the sun had already dropped below the western horizon.

I’m a dork.

All totalled, I must have done about 15 miles. I came home this morning, hit the shower, & flopped into bed.

It was time well spent, but I’ve fallen back into the bad habit of lacing my shoes too tight. My dogs were crying for relief when I got home and I really didn’t want to pull out the foot Jacuzzi.

Thank goodness for Motrin.

And now tatertots, it’s time for me to head back to bed as I’m still having difficulty recovering from the no sleep portion of the last two days.

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