Negotiating Potholes Outside the Parent ‘Hood

Hubby’s & my heads are spinning with each new piece of information that we receive regarding our impending adoption.

We’ve encountered enough information in the last 4 days to last us an emotional lifetime. We are continually vacillating between agony & ecstasy.

Each day brings a new drama.

Edited at 10:10 pm

I spoke with birthmom around 7pm this evening. In order to answer a few of her & my questions, she contacted an adoption agency. Not an attorney, but an adoption agency. Hubby spoke with an attorney and, when asking the same questions, received almost the same answers.

What it all boils down to is this: birth mom will be calling the adoption agency back in the morning and she will place her little guy with them.

All I ever wanted was the best for this little guy. I guess she feels this is the best option. All things considered, I agree with birth mom.

Hubby & I appreciate you lifting us and our little soap opera up in prayer. If you feel led, would you drop us a note of encouragement? We’ve encountered some unexpected potholes outside the Parent ‘Hood. Will we ever make into the ‘Hood? Only the Good Lord knows the answer to this.

In the meantime, three things are true:

The Lord will only give us as much as we can handle.

He knows how much we can handle.

He’s not telling us how much that is.

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