In less than a month

In lawyer-speak, a month is 4.3 weeks long.

In less than a month, that is, in less than 4.3 weeks, a new life will enter the world. If it be God’s will, hubby & I will receive this precious gift. I’ve waited half my life to be at this place of impending parenthood and in less than a month, my wait to be a parent will be over and the adventure of being a parent will begin.

There are, of course, legal matters that have to be resolved before hubby & I can settle into joys & sorrows of parenthood. We’re praying that the hurdles left to jump will be negotiated easily. If you think about us, would you lift up a prayer on our behalf? All of us … the birthmother and the precious little boy she’s carrying, hubby, and me … we’d all greatly appreciate it.

The birthmother & I finally spoke by phone this evening. She was choking back tears and so was I. She told me that she has had our phone number for a while now and apologized for not calling sooner. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She apologized to ME! I told her that I knew that this had to be the hardest thing she ever had to do and I admired her for her strength.

In less than 4.3 weeks, if the good Lord wills it, this incredibly strong woman will relinquish her right to parent this child to hubby and me.

In less than a month.


2 thoughts on “In less than a month

  1. PRAISE GOD! Oh Lisa, I pray that this dream finally becomes reality for you and Carl! You know you will have our prayers, support, WHATEVER you need from us! I know you will keep us posted, and I can’t wait to hear more!
    Love you both!

  2. God has prepared you and Carl all these years … for this moment. For this one moment. Things never happen the way we want them to, the way we plan, the way we “think” they should. Through your patience, God willing, your child is coming home. Bless you both.
    Love, Kym

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