Girly Shoes

Hubby’s latest peeve is women’s shoes with wedge heels.

I have to laugh because his peeve makes absolutely no sense to me. His comment? “They were ridiculous when we first saw them in the 80’s and they’re just as ridiculous now.”

I didn’t realize I had married such a shoe aficionado!

I have a pretty “swingy” skirt that I bought a few months back and haven’t worn but twice because I haven’t had the right pair of shoes to wear with it.

Until today.

I bought a pair of wedge-heeled sandals … and they look perfect with the skirt.

Update: 4/9/07 5:59 pm

I wore my cute new shoes to school today with a pair of slacks because it was too cold to wear the skirt … the whole reason I bought the shoes.

I’m glad I got to wear them today.

I’m not the only one that loved the shoes.

So did the royal poochies.


Time to look for ANOTHER pair of fabulous shoes to wear with my skirt. This time, I’ll make sure they’re “poochie proof.”

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