New Shooz!

Today was the day I went to get new shoes. I have worn my lime green Sauconys well past their prime and so it was time to replace them.

I really wanted to try the Asics again. I liked them when I tried them the first time, but thought I could do well with my Sauconys. I was right.

I bought the pair of Asics I tried on and will take them out tomorrow. I think the one thing that completely floored me was that I had to go up one more size. Had to. I need the room in my toebox and I don’t want to lose a nail.

I told the sales rep I worked with today that I hadn’t had any blisters or lost any nails with the Sauconys. She asked me if I wanted a new pair of the same.

Ya know? If they didn’t only come in lime green, I might have considered it. When she brought out the box and pulled the lime green shoe out, I said no without hesitation.

What can I say? I’m out of the lime green phase.

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