Let’s Hear it for Originality

I changed my nom de plume yesterday.

Had to.

I had a little time yesterday morning while I was waiting for hubby to get cleaned up & ready to go to the gym with me so I surfed through the blogosphere to see what folks are writing about.

I found one that was quite disturbing: Memoirs of a Gouda. Worst part: she calls herself the “Head Cheese.” Hoping to salvage all that I’ve worked hard on over the last few weeks, I checked her archives. She’s been blogging since 2005. Rats. I actually thought I was being original.

Out of respect to an already established blog, I felt it only right to change my pen name. I honestly don’t know if anyone would do the same for me. But that’s not the point.

One thing is for sure … I most definitely do NOT want to be mistaken for anyone other than myself.

Hey, check out my byline quote!

Hubby thought that I may have taken a quote from the Yogi Berra book of wisdom when I rattled this little gem off the other night. After a bit of research, however, it turns out I didn’t borrow a quote, but made one up all on my lonesome.

An orginal quote. Pretty cool.

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