When the Neighbor’s Away …

Our next door neighbors won a trip to Paris, France. They left last Monday and aren’t due back until either tomorrow or Tuesday.

I hope it’s tomorrow because we’re also on stand-by in case their poochie takes a turn for the worse. Hubby & I have had about as much stress dealing with sick poochies as we can handle. Not thrilled about dealing with the neighbor’s sick poochie. But that’s another story.

In the time that the neighbors have been gone, hubby & I have been working overtime on our front yard to bring it up to neighborhood standards. It’s looking pretty darn good, too.

Why, you might ask, would we even care to do this while they’re gone?

Okay, I’ll tell you why. Big Red said that she’d help me get the yard back into shape when they get back from their trip.

You know you’re too busy when your retired next door neighbor volunteers to clear your flowerbeds for you. And says she doesn’t mind. Heck, she told us she was going to surprise us one day a few months back and powerwash our front walk and driveway. Her husband, thankfully, stopped her.

Oy … SO embarassing!

Point well taken, people. We are no longer the “shlubs” of the neighborhood. You can walk past our house now and not have to avert your eyes in frustration or disgust.

Now about the folks that live on our OTHER side …

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