Questing for Elvis

Hubby & I are officially on Spring Break! I don’t know about any other educators in the area, but he and I are two incredibly tired puppies.

The best part about Spring Break? Sleeping late and working out whenever I want to.

Wouldn’t you know? It’s foggy right now and so I’m waiting for it to lift before I go out and hit the road. I could, of course, go to the gym. But then I wouldn’t be able to quest for Elvis.

It’s warming up in these here parts and the wild flowers are blooming … which means the horney toads should begin making their appearances soon. Our local horney toad population has diminished significantly since hubby & I moved to our little corner of paradise, so it’s a rare event when I see one skitter through the grass as I walk by.

Hence my nickname for the ugly little buggers: Elvis.

Nothing is more exciting for me while I’m out pounding the pavement than an “Elvis siting!” Don’t know why I’m so fascinated with them. They truly are ugly. I think it’s the surprise of seeing something unfamiliar in my world of the common and everyday.

Each time I see one of these little anomolies of my civilized world, I think about my own quirks that set me apart from everyone around me. Things that make me “me.”

And I’m thankful that God made me just that way I am.

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