A Little Praise Goes A Long Way

I live near a town that has news stations that love to sensationalize their stories. If you really pay attention to the newscasts, you’ll realize that nothing positive EVER leads. The old, “If it bleeds, it leads” philosophy has taken a hold and entrenched itself in the hearts of the newscasters in our area.

The favorite source of scandal during February sweeps: public education.

With this year’s epidemic of school shootings across the country, my district, along with every other district in the country, has been and will forever be on high alert for any attempts of unidentified strangers entering our campuses. We were told before sweeps month began that the media will be trying to enter campuses in order to see how easy/difficult it is.


Like we don’t have enough to be concerned with? The day-to-day challenges that teachers and administrators experience is more than enough without having to protect our students from media predators.

The most recent scandals in the local public schools have dealt with 1) teachers and administrators that wouldn’t be able to pass the same TAKS tests that they expect their students to pass; 2) teachers and administrators that aren’t fully certified to teach or serve as administrators; and 3) campus security.

What is the media’s justification for vilifying educators/administrators/public education? Do they do the same thing to other professions? Not around here they don’t.

Hubby teaches his students a little phrase that I wish the local news stations would learn & abide by:

Don’t hate … APPRECIATE.

Head cheese was asking the department heads a few weeks ago about our campus morale and if we noticed if staff was more negative and stressed this year. We told him the same thing we’d love to tell the media:

If you look for the positives and thank us for them instead of continually tearing us down with the negatives, it just might make our jobs a little bit easier to do each day.

Hello? Anyone in the media listening?

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