Oh Valentine

Hubby & I were talking the other night about Valentine’s Day. He was watching TV at the time and mumbled, more in an effort to end the conversation because he was completely engrossed in whatever was on than in our conversation, “Why are we even talking about Valentine’s Day? We don’t celebrate it.”


While it’s true there was a time when we didn’t, we have in the last few years given each other little “somethings” to celebrate the day. To say I was hurt by what he said would be an understatement.

Amazingly, I didn’t say anything about the little stuffed animal with the “I love you” balloon that was sitting the shelf above his head at the time. An early Valentine’s gift from me to him.

Not five minutes later as he was looking at the same little stuffed animal, he said he couldn’t wait to take the little thing to school on Valentine’s Day to show everyone how much his wife loved him. And then he realized what he said.

I don’t know if it was because he was embarassed about our conversation or if he had been planning it all along. I don’t really need to know. For whatever the reason, hubby was very generous with me on Valentine’s Day this year.

He really is a sweet guy.

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