Winter Races

The Writer did it! She finished the Texas Half today in under 2 hours! I’m so excited, happy & proud of her!

The AT&T Austin next week will be my first and last winter race. It has been SO hard to convince myself to crawl out of a warm & cozy bed each morning just so I could pull on layers of clothes and hit the pavement. So hard, in fact, that I did it only once. The rest of my training was in the evening. And that’s the worst time of the day for me to train because I’m a morning person.

With all the trauma to my back over the last couple of weeks, hubby’s not convinced that I should even make it to the starting line next Sunday. I’ll make a final decision on Wednesday about the race.

In the meantime, it has been discouraging the two times I’ve been out on the road this week. Today was especially pathetic. I was walking down the road with one hand firmly planted in the middle of my back. I couldn’t even finish a mile.

I want to get out tomorrow and try for 10 just for the sheer joy of walking. I totally miss it! Plus, I think hubby’s tired of watching me mope around the house.

If I have to pull out of Sunday’s half, I’ve still got the Race for the Cure 5k coming up at the end of March.

And then it’s time to start training for my first full! Even though the big event is 18 months away and I don’t actually know which one I want to do, I want to start training for either Portland or San Francisco.

I can do it. I know I can.

It’s all a matter of attitude.

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