Long training days aren’t fun if you don’t have the right gear

It was cold out there this morning!

I called the Writer this afternoon to see how her run was and we compared notes on what we had worn during our long training days today. She wore a fitted mock turtleneck under a loose-fitted mock turtleneck under a long-sleeved shirt. Add to that tights & gloves.

Idiot me wore only a sportsbra under a loose-fitted t-shirt under a windbreaker. Add to that capri workout pants and a cap.

She completed her 12.5 miles and was toasty warm. Me, on the other hand, completed somewhere around 11.5 – 12 miles (my GPS shut off at 6.7 miles – I don’t know why) and stopped when my calves began to hint that they wanted to cramp up from the cold.

I was disappointed with myself on so many levels.

I am, by the way, looking for a new GPS. My fool machine has been 0 for 2 these last two weeks. I only take it out on my long training days anymore and it’s let me down both times I’ve used it since my November race.

The Writer couldn’t understand why I didn’t know exactly how far I’d gone today until I told her about it shutting off on me. I put a new battery in it yesterday, so there wasn’t any reason why it would stop working for me. As soon as I realized it had shut off, I turned it back on, but I never did pick up another satellite. I gave up on it after about a mile and put it in my fanny pack.

If anyone is feeling a little benevolent, I added the GPS that I’d like to my Amazon.com wishlist. It’s the 201. The 301 has the heart monitor and the computer software, but I don’t think I need anything THAT fancy. The Writer will tell you that we just talked about how I’m starting to go retro and enjoy being lo-tech with my organizer. I like to write my workouts in my running log, too, so the computer software would actually be a waste of money.

Lesson learned today: the wardrobe I used today is a definite “don’t” for race day. I do have a better idea of what I’ll wear on the 18th. Specifically, I’ll wear what I wore for the San Antonio with a couple of layers added in for warmth.

I don’t want a repeat of today ever again!

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