Lunchtime conversations

Something amazing has happened to our lunchtime conversations at school over the last several months.

Most of the conversations in the teacher’s lounge, despite popular belief, focus on which recipes are the easiest and cheapest to prepare, which new restaurants are the “HAVE-to-trys,” and slow cooker trials & errors. Basically, we talk about food.

The lunchtime conversations with my lunch bunch as morphed away from food to working out.

Namely, walking.

More specifically, racing.

My colleagues are catching my enthusiasm, a few have started walking on their own, and we all want to form a team and do Race for the Cure at the end of March.

We have 3 cancer survivors on my campus. Two ladies survived breast cancer, one survived ovarian cancer.

What is so amazing is how the subject of forming a team to enter the Race came up. I was talking about my race next month (my usual topic of conversation) when one of the substitute teachers sitting with us asked, “What are you racing for?” as in “which charity are you racing for?” I told her I was racing purely for myself, but that the Race for the Cure is coming up. I said, “Hey! We should all do it together!” I told them I promised I wouldn’t coerce them into entering the timed category.

They hemmed & they hawed and then I offered the ultimatum. “Either we do Race for the Cure in March or Relay for Life in April.”

Trust me, I have NOTHING against Relay for Life! This is a benefit race for the American Cancer Society and I will gladly make a donation to ACS to the first person that asks me to. The last time my lunch buddies & I did Relay for Life (2 years ago), we froze when the cold front blew through at 1am and we were soaked to the skin by 3am when the rain started pelting so hard, it destroyed our tent.

While I have nothing against the ACS, I do have great hesitation about the Susan G. Komen foundation. I have heard that in addition to funding breast cancer research, they also contribute to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

I abhor the thought of abortions, or that any monies that I have to pay in order to enter the Race for the Cure might be funneled toward Planned Parenthood.

Did I mention that I financially support the local crisis pregnancy center? I’ve done this for almost as many years as hubby & I have been married.

Now, you can see my conundrum.

Ultimately, I told my lunchbuddies that the foundation I’m supporting during the Race will be the Ford Foundation’s Warriors in Pink. They partner with Susan G. Komen in sponsoring the Race for the Cure.

I can only pray that my meager entry fee will be routed solely to breast cancer research and NOT to Planned Parenthood.

Best thing I like about the Warriors in Pink?

The war paint! Bright pink zinc oxide.

Very cool.

As far as the Race for the Cure, it’s only a matter of how many from my campus will join our team. Like I said, we’ve already decided to do it.

Many of us will race in honor or in memory of loved ones.

Regardless of why we’ll be racing, we all agree on the goal …

Find a CURE.

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