So long Cap 10, hello AT&T

Hubby bailed out of the Cap 10. I was SOOOO disappointed because I had decided to forego the AT&T next month so I could do the Cap 10 with him in March.

I called the Writer and told her this on my way home from the gym this morning. She’s going to do the AT&T and said that I should do it, too. “After all,” she said, “[I’ve] already got a half under [my] belt.” My only hesitation this morning was that I hadn’t been getting any long training days in since the weather has been lousy every … yes, every … weekend since the San Antonio in November.

I went ahead and registered for the AT&T this afternoon and I’ll get out for 11 miles tomorrow morning – rain or shine. I just checked the weather forecast and it looks like the rain will taper off tonite for a fairly clear day tomorrow. Thank goodness!

It’s nice to have another race to prepare for. I really wasn’t taking the Cap 10 seriously, so I need to do the AT&T for so many reasons.

Now to make up for a lot of lost time!

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