The hands give us away (almost) everytime

Hubby & I were watching “Entertainment Tonight” last night. It’s not the most intellectual show, but it’s fun to watch every now & then. We like to think of it as our little bit of brain candy that we occasionally indulge in.

Mark Steines was interviewing Raquel Welch. The woman is 66 years old and looks fabulous. I turned to hubby & said that she’s probably had her face done. Her face and her neck, most likely. She doesn’t look bad at all. I said she looked fabulous and I wasn’t kidding. Some women on TV that have had their faces done have had their skin stretched so tight that they look like female versions of “the Joker.” Very scary. Gives me nightmares. Hubby said that she hadn’t … she lives a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t drink, do drugs, yada, yada. I didn’t think he was entirely correct on this, but decided to keep my mouth shut and listen to the interview.

Turns out we were both right. She does live a healthy lifestyle and she admitted to having had plastic surgery.

Even though she admitted to it, hubby still wasn’t convinced that she’d had her face done (he was thinking of the scary “Joker” ladies) until I pointed out her hands. Gorgeous face, not-so-gorgeous hands.

Which got me looking at my hands. With the exception of this being the time of year when my nails break because of the continual shifts between very dry and humid air, my hands don’t look half bad. They surely don’t like they are attached to a 43 year old woman, which is a good thing since my students still think I’m in my mid-to-late 20’s.

If I could give them grades, they’d all get “A’s.”

2 thoughts on “The hands give us away (almost) everytime

  1. I’m 35 and signs of aging have hit my neck in the last couple of months. She most definitely has had work done. Nobody looks THAT good at that age w/o something done 🙂 Brown spots (signs of aging, they call it) spot my hands, too. Sigh. Oh, well … I think I see expensive beauty treatments in the future 🙂

  2. Grrr … idiot me wanted to edit my comment and it’s been deleted.

    Kym, you crack me up! You are gor-ge-ous, girl! You’ll never have to do “expensive” beauty treatments.

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