"Snow" Days

It never snowed, but the weather was bad enough that the schools were closed for the last two days. I think the best part of this storm has been the melt.

Hubby & I had a lot of fun de-icing the truck this afternoon. The sheets of ice were easy to pull off and the sound of it crashing onto the driveway was very cool.

There’s still a lot of ice on the branches in the trees, but I’m sure it’ll be falling off soon. Hubby & I had to run to the grocery store earlier this afternoon and saw ropes of ice falling off the power lines. It was neat to watch!

I had the poochies out in the backyard after we got home and heard a loud racket across the street. It was a block of ice sliding down the metal roof of the school we live across from. Scared the dogs, but I was fascinated.

The best part of the day, by far, was when the poochies and I were returning home from our walk. I looked up and saw the most magnificent sight! It was either a hawk or a falcon perched at the top of my neighbor’s tree. I shouted to this beautiful bird, “You’re maginificent!” It looked at me as if I was daft and looked like it was about to soar off, but didn’t. I rushed home to get hubby. He met me at the door and I got him, along with the poochies around the cul-de-sac a bit so we could get a better view of the bird. It took one look at the four of us, preened for a second, and took off. Wow.

It all took less than a minute, but it was incredible!

Yep, the melt has definitely been the best part about this storm.

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