Old Man Winter & The Dance of the Half-Crazed Elementary School Teacher

I’m talking about hubby here.

Okay, so the “arctic blast” has finally arrived. It’s 32 degrees outside. Windy. Very, very windy with a POSSIBILITY of snow/sleet/freezing rain tonite and tomorrow.


All hubby heard the weatherman say this morning was everything after the word, “possibility.” After hearing this morning’s weather forecast, he’s been doing this crazy jig and cackling in the manic way he does when he gets something he really, really wants.

I don’t want school to close tomorrow. If it does, then I’ll lose one of my days off in April.


District-sanctioned days off toward the end of the school year are gold. I don’t want to lose any of them if it’s not necessary.

Heck, it’s a little wind (okay A LOT of wind) and it’s really not that cold outside (compared to North Dakota).

5am tomorrow morning. One of us will be happy.

Please, oh please, oh please … let it be me!

8:10pm: I just finished calling my staff. School’s cancelled tomorrow. Crud!

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