Bruce & the Kid, Day II

“A little compassion goes a long way.” ~ Head Cheese

Words I wish some of my teaching staff would follow. I was talking to Head Cheese before I left campus yesterday afternoon and related a couple of incidents that he needed to know about. Both involved students in my Asperger’s population. One involved the kid I took to the Spurs game the other night.

The kid was still SOOOOOOOOO excited about having gone to the game and he shared this with everyone standing still and looking in his general direction. Most people listened and were happy for him.

His science teacher wasn’t.

Apparently, there was a homework assignment due yesterday. He didn’t do it. He truthfully told his teacher why it wasn’t complete, attempting to begin his tale with, “I was at the Spurs game last night …” “That’s no excuse. You’ll receive a point reduction for turning it in late,” was the ready response.

I was so frustrated! The kid was with me the night before! I looked at the kid with absolute astonishment when he told me this story and asked him if he was able to tell her that I took him to the game, why we went on a school night, yada, yada. She wouldn’t let him finish.

I don’t usually intervene when it comes to assessing grades, but I feel I have to on this one. I told Head Cheese what had happened. He knows what a big deal it was to be chosen to go to meet Bowen was for the kid. For any student, actually.

Students that are honored have to be nominated for this by their teachers, all submissions are sent to the Spurs Foundation, and a committee decides which students will receive this honor. There are not many students that are chosen.

Hubby said I probably should have e-mailed all his teachers to let them know that he most likely wouldn’t be doing any homework Tuesday night because of the Bruce’s Buddy award.

Hindsight: 20/20.

Regardless. What Head Cheese said is true.

A little compassion does go a long way.

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